Why I'm Pumped for EPIC HEAT with Caroline Girvan

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You know I LOVE training with Caroline Girvan. I completed her EPIC I and EPIC II Programs and they were phenomenal! I love the challenge and intensity of EPIC programs. Here is what I am looking forward to in Caroline Girvan's new 10-week fitness program called EPIC HEAT. We're dialing up the intensity in EPIC HEAT!

I love training with Caroline Girvan.

Her EPIC programs were amazing. At this point, I've done over 100 training sessions with her and over 20 weeks of workouts, not including sessions outside of EPIC programs or re-doing specific training sessions.

In this video and blog post, I share what I'm looking forward to in EPIC HEAT.

EPIC HEAT is a 10-week program designed and led by my favorite trainer, Caroline Girvan.

These sessions will be approximately 30 minutes as opposed to the 1-hour sessions that we had in EPIC I and EPIC II.

However, shorter does not mean easier. Caroline has said that in these sessions we'll be dialing up the intensity!

Similar if not same results in a more compact package.

To Caroline's point, as we approach Spring and Summer we'll have more of a desire to do outdoor activities. I love getting outside especially in warm weather.

I loved the hour long but there's no denying that it takes planning the rest of the day more of a challenge.

30 min is manageable and it's only 2% of our day as Caroline said. Anyone has time for 30 min.

Once you include warmup and cool down it comes to about an hour anyway. So there are definitely ways to make it a longer session if you choose.

She also recently said that she'll be incorporating sprint training. So if you're looking to add more intensity minutes, you can do sprint training on hills or on flat ground. She's planning on doing this three times a week for 20 minute periods. I certainly will give it a try and see what I can do. 

I also plan on tagging on more training sessions after the 30-minute EPIC HEAT. I will either do a 30-minute or 1-hour session from Caroline Girvan's archives. I will look at what she suggests as a tag-along and either do the suggested session or something similar from the hundreds of videos she has on her channel.

Also on some days where I find I have more time, I will be making space for yoga or stretching. And on days where the weather is beautiful, I plan on doing long walks for LÄ°SS.

During EPIC II I was walking 15 k to 20 k steps a day. I mainly targetted 15 k but there was a period of time where I felt like doing 20 k steps daily (Approx. 10 miles). I will walk for an hour daily and see what steps I have by the end of the day. 

Studies show 2.5 hours  (150 min = 2.5 hours) of moderate to intense exercise a week is the sweet spot in terms of meeting weekly exercise needs. So from an efficiency perspective we're still very much in the sweet spot if we just do the EPIC HEAT sessions (30 min x 5  = 150 min).

I'm excited to turn up the heat and dial up the intensity to make the most of these 30 min sessions go get the physical and mental benefits of consistent training and regular exercise. As I said, I plan to continue my long walks or hikes (I target 15k steps daily) and I plan to follow-up with longer stretching sessions after each session. 

What are you most excited about with EPIC HEAT? 


Happy training 💪🌟