How I Track My Health Take Care of My Longevity and How You Can Too -- Oura Ring Gift Code

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This is how I track my health, take care of my longevity, and how you can too with this oura ring (+ gift code) ! The three important daily health scores are your readiness score, sleep score, and activity score. If you want to improve your health and fitness, tracking your progress with an oura ring might be for you!

How I Track My Health Take Care of My Longevity and How You Can Too + Oura Ring Gift Code   

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If you've been with me for a while on this channel, you know that I really like tracking my health and fitness stats. And the last, I would say, two or three years I've been using an oura ring, which I really love, and I did a whole vlog about how much I love my oura ring.

So you can check that out if you'd like to see more of a sense of why it might be also a good fit for you. But I want it to pop on here and tell you that they've updated to a Generation three model, which is super exciting because that new model is going to include 24/7 heart rate monitoring as of right now. The current generation is just sleep heart rate. And so this will allow you to possibly even forgo your tracker or  your wearable, on your wrist. If that's something that you are kind of like over and you want to stop it out for something more accurate.

Right now, it's also still very much like they call it a sleep lab wrapped around your finger, and that's essentially what it started off as. And now they've just decided to also include things like, like I said, the 24-7 heart rate monitoring.

Also period prediction stats for those of us who get periods. And there's also audio sessions and video sessions that they guide you through, essentially meditation. What I really like about the oura ring, too, is that it allows me to gauge where I'm at, given everything going on in my life.

And it's very much like day to day, week to week kind of things. So, for example, you get a sleep score every day. You also get a readiness score. You get your HIV, which is your heart rate variability.

And that's a huge component, a very important stat for overall health and wellness and ultimately also our longevity. And it also gives you your activity score. So if you look at your activity score and you're like, Oh, maybe I need to do a little bit more today, it'll tell you what, how many miles you should walk like in terms of your suggested miles to walk. So it tells you you have to do this much more activity to meet your daily movement requirement. And it also puts that in miles, which is kind of cool. So it tells you how many miles?

That would be the equivalent of. You can also add different tags. So like if you did a sauna session that day or if you got a flu shot or COVID vaccine, you can add that and it's really good at predicting temperatures as well, or like giving you the temperature that you need.

I know some of you on this channel track your basal body temperature so it will show you your temperature variability, which is important when you're tracking your fertility and ovulation and things like that. But it's also important for people who don't have periods to also get that kind of information, because aura is good at predicting when you might be coming down with something and it gives you a little bit of a heads up so that you can nip it in the bud. For example, let's say you don't even detect you're coming down with something or will tell you, and it would even give you the option to put rest mode on.

I've used that a couple of times, and in that case, they don't give you an activity goal because the focus is on resting. They also in the newer software, they have naps. I know some people take naps and that will add to your readiness score and to your sleep score.

So that's pretty cool. So if you are a napper, then you will have the added benefit of that data. And if you're not a napper, but there are occasional times where you might not be feeling that great, you need to rest and recharge.

You take a 20 minute power nap. It'll add that to your readiness score and sleep score, which is super cool. All right. So these three first people who sign up for a ring using my promotional code will get $50 off or €50 off the purchase.

So that's a substantial credit, because it's not something that you're going to just buy and then use and then throw out, it's something that is really going to be an integral part of your health and fitness tracking if that is something that you do and want to do.

So I thought I would share that code with you because I know some of you here are interested in wearable devices and in tracking. So if you are, like I said, the first three people to sign up using that promotional code, which I'll link down below in the description box, will get $50 off €50 off, depending on your currency. So I hope you take advantage of this awesome opportunity because it is. It's amazing. It's definitely been life-changing for me. It's really helped me, you know, just identify the areas that I need to improve upon, such as a big one was sleep for me, and I'm really happy to say that I have taken the necessary steps for me to get my sleep where I want it to be. And now I'm hitting the numbers I want to hit and I'm pumped about that because it is just so important for our everyday life and for our overall longevity goals.

So, yeah, that's it. So I hope that you take advantage of it. It's again down the decision box down below. All right. And if not, maybe you're still interested in getting the oura ring. For me, it was a huge upgrade to my life, so that's all.

All right. I will see you in the next IgnyteFit. Bye everyone.

**** Use my link to get 50 USD/EUR off and 6-month FREE Oura Membership for Oura Ring Gen3****