Choosing a YouTube Workout and Assessing the Credibility and Legitimacy of Fitness YouTubers

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There are so many YouTube fitness programs and workouts on YouTube ! How do you know which YouTuber fitness trainer to follow? In this video, I talk about how I choose a YouTube workout and teach you how to assess the credibility and legitimacy of fitness YouTubers!

When it comes to YouTube workouts there is so much to choose from. Awesome yet overwhelming, nonetheless. With so much out there in the online fitness space, how can you discern what is legit? 


Let's talk about how to assess the legitimacy and credibility of youtube workouts so that you can save time and choose the videos that are right for you.

There are two pillars: safety and efficacy 


Is it safe to do?
One determinant factor is the credibility of the instructor.

For example, are they licensed CPT, what are their creds, how long have they been doing this?

Do they speak professionally in terms of targeted muscle groups? Is there a focus on form?

Do they stick to fitness or do they promote strange diet and nutrition advice?

What about the language they use to talk about exercise and the body?


This is subjective.

It requires you to tap into how youโ€™re feeling and also to assess your current fitness level. You need to decide (1) how hard you are going to push yourself and (2) how much the workout is going to push you.

Does the sequence of the moves make sense? Is there a flow to them? Can you feel the challenge of it? You can tell when a move looks off: that it could be dangerous or risk injury.


The last thing I'll say is to go with your gut and use your best judgment. And don't be fooled by appearances. Just because someone looks "fit" doesn't mean they're qualified to teach fitness/train. Also, there's a difference between trialing for aesthetics and training for longevity. If it's the latter, sometimes looks might be deceiving so do keep that in mind.

Over time you'll be able to gauge which trainers are legit and what workouts are high quality and backed by sports science.

What do you think? How do you assess the legitimacy and credibility of a YouTube workout? What are your determining factors? 

Let me know! I'll see you in the next video! Ciao for now team โ˜บ๏ธ