Trying Popular Indoor Walking Workout growwithjo - High Intensity or HIIT - Tips to Increase Efficacy

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I tried viral indoor walking workout growwithjo ! Is it high intensity or HIIT ? And I give you tips to increase efficacy and increase intensity. Learn what I like about at-home indoor walking workouts in this positive review of growwithjo ! Try indoor walking workouts in lieu of your post-prandial after dinner walk!

It's the peloton of walking meaning, stationary power walking! There we go, that's it.

So I highly recommend the growwithjo channel. She's so high energy and peppy and full of vitality! Very fun to do.

It's sustainable and won't exhaust you. Perfect for when you don't get a chance to go for a walk, or the weather isn’t great, or you want to get the heart rate up.

Not like a HIIT in that you're probably not taxing your CNS 

For me personally what taxes my CNS is Caroline HIITs for sure and even some of her strength stuff like leg day with heavy weights and body with heavy weights for sure and also the evolve Functional Fitness agility and their tennis one L1 and L2 are both super hard and super HIIT and taxing on the CNS

So I would not qualify these walking sessions as HIIT.

They can be high intensity if you dial it up, but you probably won't be exhausted after doing it and you didn't tax your CNS. That's not a bad thing. That means that you could do this every single day, get the heart rate up and sustain it throughout the session and you won't need to take a rest day.

So I classify this as sustainable high intensity walking.

I did this in lieu of my evening walk / postprandial after dinner walk and that worked out well, I had done two strength training sessions earlier in the day so you could totally do this in conjunction with a strength sesh. 

It is similar to doing a jog in place but it's more fun because you're doing different high energy power walk moves. 

I think these are great to tag on to strength workouts and do post meals. 

I did these two back to back. I liked the high energy and low impact (because I had already done 2 workouts earlier in the day).

Fun pump up music, nice to see Jo's smiling face :) She's a good motivator.

You could watch your show and put her on your phone or computer, tablet, whatever, and you could still follow along if you wanted to do this. You could mute her and put on your own music.

To make it harder you can add some light free weights (increased my heart rate and I got more intensity minutes) pleased about. I remember I used to see women doing power walks with dumbbell free weights early in the morning when I'd get up and go to school, this was years ago, and that's what gave me the idea believe it or not. 

Give growwithjo a go and you'll be pleasantly surprised :)