WHAT I EAT IN A DAY for Longevity and Health - How I Fast and Eat - Helpful Health Strategies

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Here is everything I eat in a day. I eat this way for overall health and longevity. As a practitioner of daily TRF (time-restricted feeding) I eat within an 8 hour window and fast for at least 16 hours. I share some helpful health strategies with regard to fueling our body to give it the nutrients it needs!

What are my why’s when it comes to what I eat in a day, a week, a month, a year, in life.

Why’s (1) not spiking blood sugar, (2) nutrient absorption, (3) prioritizing satiating foods first so it provides satiating effect. Eating foods that satiate you is helpful so that you're less likely to eat caloric foods less satiating (IE bread) which may have nutritional value but are problematic in high quantities and easy to overeat. You are also able to keep the hunger hormone, ghrelin, at bay. When you eat non-insulin spiking foods that are satiating, you can decrease ghrelin levels and you'll also feel more full for longer periods of time, thus not needing to snack. And of course, getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep nightly is important for curbing appetite and not craving refined carbs and refined sugars. That’s definitely a big one in this calculus. 

Breaking Fasts i.e. Breakfast / Fastbreaker Meal:

Break your fast, do your fast breaker, or have breakfast, with something that doesn't spike glucose and line your digestive tract with fiber to assist with the absorption of nutrients.

The fiber slows down the pace at which the food you eat moves through your digestive tract allowing your intestines to absorb more nutrients. It also provides a vibrant microbiome for bacteria and enzymes to properly metabolize the nutrients that you are consuming.

Finally it also dampens the impact of glucose by slowing down the rate at which it is absorbed giving your body more time to regulate your sugar levels in your bloodstream.

Start with eggs (break fast with protein to keep me says and not spike sugar,) then veggies for fiber and nutrients

Once everything else is in there then I eat the fruit which ensures I get the most out of the nutrients of the fruit without spiking blood sugar levels. I like smoothies, but I prefer eating my fruit and sometimes I’ll have a dollop of high fat yogurt.

I absolutely love love love summer fruits: apricots, nectarines, peaches, cherries, fresh figs. Yum. In the winter I don’t eat much fruit simply because I prefer summer fruit. So I definitely manage my fruit intake in the summer because eating too much fruit in one sitting will definitely spike glucose and the more glucose spikes you experience in your life the shorter your lifespan.

I tend to avoid eating fruit by itself so I won't eat a banana by itself or I won't eat a nectarine by itself because it will immediately give me that sugar rush and crash if I have to for some reason eat fruit during the day as a snack which is rare for me personally I will make sure that I have it with some nuts and or some yogurt to slow the influx of sugar into the bloodstream.

So when you eat fruit, it’s better to space it out. Try to have them with meals when possible, so that you can slow the sugar influx into the bloodstream. And eat in small quantities, so not a bunch of fruit in one sitting.

Alright so that’s breakfast/lunch so call it brunch if you want. And no snacks during the day.

Let’s move on to dinner:

Something light for dinner, more fiber and nutrients. Because we're active, we want to make sure we're getting enough nutrients and filling in the nutritional gaps. We also want to make sure our body has enough energy to continue the muscle synthesis. 

For dinner usually something fiber dense and proteins (lentils big fan) , leafy greens and maybe a lean protein like lamb fish or lean meat. Usually it's just plant based veg or legumes. Sometimes I'll add some animal protein, depending on how hard a workout I had and if I need that extra protein.

So we eat a light dinner but the goal is not to get full. We usually finish eating 3 to 4 hours before bedtime. I find that I sleep way better this way.

Also, I’m not usually hungry at dinner anyway. There are times where I just do OMAD, one meal a day and fast until the next day. But recently I haven't been doing that because I do two to three hours of physical activity daily so I want to make sure that I’m fueling my body properly.

So to recap: I do TRF every day, I eat high fiber, nutrient-dense, satiating foods. I don’t snack or eat in between meals, because I'm simply not hungry. I eat enough at my brunch, that’s my biggest meal of the day. And it’s satiating. The reason I avoid snacking is because I want to minimize glucose spikes. Each time you eat that elevates insulin even if not insulin-spiking foods (i.e. refined carbs, sugars). So I don’t subscribe to eating multiple small meals every two hours because my body is not happy when I’m constantly feeding it, also my gut gets angry with me and so I don’t do it.

And lastly, I don’t have food rules. I eat healthy food that I find super delicious and have fun eating. I try to eat nutritionally rich and fiber dense foods but I don't count calories or macros. Try to limit the foods sometimes and when I have them I try to enjoy having them without any regrets. If I’m being honest, however, there are times when if I’m not in the right headspace I might catch myself feeling guilty about it but have gotten better about this over the years. We're all works in progress!

My goal is overall health and fitness. I focus on training for longevity over training for aesthetics because I don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on myself. I try to strive for the balance as best I can.

So that’s what I eat in a day and how I eat it. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you can apply some of the health strategies to your own life, eating patterns, and food spectrum. Let me know if you want more videos like this.

Is there anything here that you do similarly? Let me know in the comments. It’s always great hearing from you :) 

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Alright, that’s it from me today! I’ll see you in another IgnyteFit. Ciao for now!