7 Things I Do Every Day for My Mental Health - Daily Self Care Practices

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Here are 7 things I do everyday for my mental health. I like to make sure that I'm taking care of myself not only physically, but also caring for myself mentally. Theses are mental health self care practices that you can do anywhere at any time of day or night! Let's look after our mental health :) we matter!

I explain in greater detail in the video but here is the summary:

Move my body (exercise), lifting weights lowers anxiety; when I started really realizing the connection between my movements and mental health → March 2020, when I really needed it the most

Meditate (calm walks, breathwork, journaling, affirmations, meditation)

Mind my own business (not gossiping, not comparing myself, not being nosy) stay in my lane, I'm on my own path and honor that, focus on my work

Mindfulness (pay attention to what I'm doing, don't dwell on past, don't worry about future, stay grounded in the present, don't let the present drift by without awareness)

Monologue (check in with myself, introspection)

Meaningful Meetings of the Mind  (meet online or in person with people I love and have heart to heart)`

Mindset: abundance mindset filled with positivity: starting doing affirmations to help me align myself with my goals  

BONUS: Marvel: allow myself to marvel at serendipitous occurrences at positive things and beautiful nature and adopt an abundance mindset