Honest Talk about Body Dysmorphia and Body Image Issues

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This is an honest video about my experience with body dysmorphia and body image issues growing up as a serious ballet dancer. One thing that has helped me overcome body dysmorphic thoughts is training for longevity through strength training. There's a spectrum of body dysmorphic thoughts. It is ok to seek medical help.

I share my own experience with body image issues and body dysmorphia, so please watch the video for that personal perspective. 

Here is a summary of the main points addressed in the video about how to shut down body dysmorphia:

  • Limit mirror time so you're not tempted to do body checks. Easy to scrutinize every inch, bump, curve.
  • Focus on strength training and push yourself over time you'll see the amazing thing your body can do and you'll appreciate it for that. Think ability and performance over aesthetics. Looking good whatever that means to you, is the byproduct of training hard while eating well (and enough!) and without obsessing or overdoing your training. 
  • Stop comparing: to others and even to your former self. Social media is so dangerous. If you need a break take it. And don't be afraid to unfollow people if their posts are jiving with you. 
  • Be grateful that you have this body and remember that it is the house of your heart and soul

You are already enough. Right now, today as you are. No one is perfect and perfection doesn't exist.   Don't squander the time of worrying about being "perfect" and live your life. Focus on being healthy (mind body spirit) and happy. 

You got this 🌟💪

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