5 Things I'm Doing Differently for EPIC II with Caroline Girvan
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EPIC with Caroline Girvan is a 10 week fitness and workout program. I loved EPIC with Caroline Girvan and now she's releasing EPIC II. I'm looking forward to this fitness challenge of 50 workout sessions. Here is what I'll be doing differently this time around in EPIC II.


That sums up Caroline Girvan's 10-week fitness and workout program that she released for free on YouTube.

If you're looking for a review of EPIC I, check out my honest (positive) opinion about it here

It's been an amazing fitness journey thus far, of building strength, increasing lean muscle mass, and improving my agility as well.

Once I completed EPIC back in December I was excited to see what Caroline would have in store for us next.

And let me tell you, she delivers!

She created an EPIC II program, which will also be a 10-week strength, agility, and mobility program designed to get us stronger, fitter, and faster. 

In this video, I share 5 things that I'm doing differently with this new EPIC program by Caroline Girvan. 

When I was doing EPIC, I practiced time-restricted feeding (TRF), was sleeping 7-9 hours, and eating a healthy diet of fiber-rich and nutrient-dense foods. And I still do these things, which I'll continue to do for EPIC II.

The five changes I share are not about food, fasting, or sleep hygiene since I do those things already.

If you're doing EPIC II by Caroline Girvan what are you going to differently this time?



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