WEEK OF WORKOUTS with nourishmovelove | weights, functional training, barre, tabata cardio
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This is my full week of workouts with nourishmovelove ! We did strength training with weights, functional training, barre, tabata cardio, and more! Hope you enjoy this video, I had so much fun doing nourishmovelove workouts!

I did a full week of Nourish Move Love workouts by Lindsey Bomgren. It was a great experience and I'm so happy to have done these sessions. I will definitely be revisiting these sessions and trying more of Lindsey's training sessions in the future :)

Here are the workouts I did this week:

35-Minute Legs and Glutes Workout | SplitStrong 35 DAY 3 🔥

Enjoyed this leg and glutes session and found it to be challenging. Lindsey explains the moves and I like the visual and kinesthetic cues she gives. For example, when setting up for RDLs and to do a narrow stance, she had us do two butt kicks to fall naturally into the narrow stance. And to keep shoulders back, she had us imagine squeezing oranges under our armpits. Great visual cues!

30 Minute Barre Boxing Workout At Home | Optional Light Weights (Burn 400 Calories)

This was definitely a fun and more active barre instead of the slower paced ones. There were some isometric (iso) holds which I liked. It was challenging because there was little rest and I really enjoyed her twist on it. It was a wonderful fusion barre classes and I personally always like fusion exercises so this one is a do again for sure. I will also try her longer barre sessions. 

35-Minute Upper Body PULL WORKOUT: Back, Biceps and Cardio

35-Minute PUSH Workout (Chest + Shoulders + Triceps + Cardio) | SplitStrong 35 DAY 2 🔥

I did these two PUSH and PULL sessions back to back. There were new arm movements like a new twist on the lateral raise and doing it cross body instead. Vert fun. I am usually a little bit afraid to use anything but light weights for fly's or lateral raises but Lindsay was using 15 and I felt encouragement from her so I used my 5 kgs which is about 11 pounds. And I did the moves carefully, without rushing, and maintained proper form throughout. 

There was cardio TABATA style in there. Plyometric power moves there. That was a nice way to get both cardio bursts woven into the strength training. As you know, Strength and cardio is the golden combo when it comes to fitness. Lindsay knows what's up 

35-Minute Full Body STRENGTH Workout with Dumbbells (12 BEST Full Body Exercises At Home)

Full Body! Yay! I loved this full body session so much. I like how she has the power moves in there. Creative combinations which were fun to do. 

Quite challenging and I didn't even use a heavy weight because I didn't get good sleep the night before surprise surprise. It was also the end of the day post dinner that i did this and I had already walked over 10 miles so I didn't want to push it too hard. Know thyself right? 

Of course new moves like this Full Body move: Alternating Front Lunge + Single Arm Curl Press. And I like that she had a sequence within each circuit so upper body, lower body, and then we put it together with a full-bodied move and finally core. So this workout had three circuits and they were all quite challenging, even with light weights (I used 11 pounds).

This workout I'll do again with heavy weights to challenge myself even more after a good night's sleep. 

I like the warm up and cool down, they're specific to the muscle groups worked and they feel good. 


For pregnant people out there there is a lot of nourishmovelove! She has pregnant and postpartum workouts so those might be good playlists of hers to check out this NourishMoveLove playlist of pregnancy and postpartum workouts.  


Hope you enjoyed this week of nourishmovelove workouts! I really enjoyed these sessions and highly recommend you check out nourishmovelove by Lindsey Bomgren! I will be doing more of Lindsey Bomgren's workouts for sure :) 

Thank you for reading!!

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