I Need an Evening Routine to Fix My Sleep - REM, Relaxing Before Bed, Sleep Hygiene

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I have not been getting great sleep lately, even though I have good sleep hygiene practices and have enough sleep opportunity, according to Matthew Walker. My REM and sleep efficiency, according to my sleep score from my Oura Ring, are lower than I'd like. I need an evening routine to fix my sleep. ☆ 🌙

This score of 79 is low for me, especially with REM and sleep efficiency.

I talk a lot about the importance of sleep on my blog and on my YouTube channel, IgnyteFit with Mary Daphne.

And I prioritize my sleep because it's extremely important for our health and fitness.

However, recently, I have not been getting enough sleep. This is odd because I practice good sleep hygiene practices and I also give myself enough sleep opportunity (Matthew Walker coined this term and I explain it in the video). 

So you can only imagine my frustration. 

I am targeting 8 hours of shut-eye a night, but have only been getting around 7 hours *sometimes 6 hours 45 min, sometimes 7 hours 21 minutes. 

As someone who does not like routines, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I probably need to establish and practice a nightly bedtime routine and wind-down sequence, which I have not.

Do you have any wind-down sequences or bed-time sequences you like to do nightly?

This is an example of better sleep for me. High 80's to 90's Oura Ring sleep score is where I want to be.

What're your favorite ways to relax before bed? Share that with me and I'll include your nightly routine tips into part 2 of this video :) 

I am going to make a separate video with the best sleep outcome based on various bedtime routines.

Share with me your favorite sleep routines, night routines, wind-down routines, and bedtime routines that you incorporate into your evening routines!

Get some good sleep tonight! 💤😴