Full WEEK of WORKOUTS Balancing Training and Rest Days

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Here's another full week of workouts. This week's focus is about balancing training and rest days. I talk about why I'm trying to listen more to my body, sync with my cycle, and give myself permission to take an extra rest day if I need more recovery. Hope you like this video XO


Here are some points I covered in the video:

  • nursing an injury right now, working out smart
  • Listening to my body
  • not giving into temptation of training hard or sticking to a program when I can’t
  • took an extra rest day
  • reading a lot of training for the cycle and excited to share that with you 
  • not feeling guilty about not working out 5 times, did 4 times workout
  • incorporating barbell 
  • was about to do a specific workout on the program, did the warm up and then was like, “wait a minute, i's not excited to do this and I’m worried I’m going to mess up my glute tendons further, don’t want to cause permanent damage”
  • leave your ego out of it; remind yourself your why (sustainable fitness for longevity)


These are the workouts I did:

Monday LEG DAY

  • 40 min legs barbell (my own thang)


  • hiking/walking


  • hiking/walking

Thursday LEG DAY

Friday Rest Day

  • just walk + stretch (I was sooo tired)


Sunday 210912 


Alright IgnyteFit fam, hope you liked this week of workouts. I had a fun time and was happy that I didn't push myself. I tried to listen to my body, honor where I am in my cycle, and focus on recovery.

See you next time!