How to Get Loved Ones Healthy - 5 Tips to Inspire Someone to Action
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Here is how to inspire loved ones to get healthy. I share 5 tips to help family and friends lead an active healthy lifestyle and become healthier and fitter. Hope you love this video! πŸ’ͺ🌟

Get Someone to Workout with you / how to help a loved one start working out / eating well  (maybe even fasting)

Make a date of it

  • date night
  • Make it a date workout
  • cook your fave meal together (if fast food, make a swap check google for recipe and healthier version)

Different Training Styles

  • Try out different styles of training and see which one they most prefer)
  • fig out their fave
  • try diff recipes (i.e., I love the recipes from downshiftology and adapt them)

Start small

  • (try beginner or moderate intensity
  • not too long in length, start with walks)
  • cook at home together a few nights a week
  • slowly build in healthy balanced meals
  • make smart swaps

Find the WHY

  • Share your why for working out and exercising
  • help them find theirs
  • share your why for eating this way (if you have specific examples, things you do on the regular)

Build a practice

  • building a practice helps create a habit and then make a permanent lifestyle change
  • same with food choices


Extra tips:

  • Be supportive
  • Be patient (Change takes time)
  • Be kind (nonjudgmental)
  • Be understanding (Don’t berate them)

Thank you for reading!!

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