I'm Loving Heather Robertson Workouts and her Natural Glow

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Heather Robertson is an amazing trainer. I love her style of workouts and how she consistently brings high-quality at-home workouts. If you're looking for a good sweat sesh, I highly recommend doing Heather Robertson's sessions. She has hiit, strength, abs, cardio, yoga, pilates, barre, and stretching. Check her out!

There's so much to love about Heather Robertson. Her workouts, her outfits, her vibe, her energy! So let's unpack all the wonderful things I've enjoyed while training with Heather Robertson. I've been training with her for months now, but have not yet had the time to commit to her full program as I'm currently doing another fitness program. I have however done all types of her sessions: strength, abs, cardio, HIIT training, yoga, pilates, and stretching. I love them all!

Her Natural Vibe

She exudes a super, natural vibe and has an organic aura about her that's super refreshing in the fitness space. This makes her and her programs more approachable because of that natural glow in a world where a lot of what we see is artificially enhanced. I think a lot of people are drawn to her for these reasons. I certainly find her to be a breath of fresh air.

Accessible Fitness

Heather is an amazing trainer. I think her sessions and programs are perfect for anyone who's been training consistently, but also for those who've taken a break from fitness and want to get back into it. 

I know that her 12-week program and her new 6-week low impact program are popular with new mothers, with and without fitness backgrounds! 

Her sessions are also great for someone who's dabbled in fitness but who has never followed a fitness program in a consistent fashion. So, as the first foray into consistent fitness, I'd also highly recommend Heather.

Of course, workouts are always as tough as you make them and you can always dial up or down the intensity and weights as needed but I think that these sessions are most suitable for people who know the basic staple movements. These sessions are intermediate to advanced depending on what you make of them. If you go with lighter weights and a slower pace, you can make it intermediate. If you go with heavier weights and a quicker pace you can make it advanced. So it comes down to you.

Easy to Follow

Heather is a silent trainer however she is easy to follow along. This is because (1) the interface is very clear, (2) she performs each move very clearly, and (3) the moves are rather familiar (basic staples) with variations peppered in here and there so you're not often taken by surprise. 

The fact that she incorporates the staple movements like squats, lunges, rows, deadlifts, etc. shows is also refreshing because you still get a solid sweat sesh in. A good workout doesn't have to come dressed in bells and whistles for it to be effective. And it's a testament to the fact that the staple exercises can help you level up with strength and performance gains. You don't have to be doing some trendy workout or try ultra-creative moves in order to work on strength, agility, mobility, and endurance. Oftentimes, the basics are all we need.

Challenged, not Spent

The strength workouts are a delight and you feel challenged without feeling burned out or like your central nervous system (CNS) got overloaded. And that's a good feeling. You don't need to feel utterly exhausted after your workout for it to have been effective. In fact, I don't always like leaving my workout completely spent because then it's hard to do anything else in the day (work, household responsibilities, etc.) amirite? 

For context, when I do her cardio and HIIT sessions (and even some of her strength sessions) my heart rate gets up and stays elevated. She has a way of getting you those intensity minutes you want (I want those!) and need (!!!) without making you feel like you need to lie down the rest of the day because you're pooped. It's amazing really. We can give it our all, get those HR points and still be a productive human the rest of the day! Genius!

Fun Workouts

Heather's workouts are a lot of fun. Everything from strength to cardio, to fusion yoga. The first encounter I've had with HIIT YOGA fusion and HIIT PILATES fusion was with Heather. Let me just say how much fun these types of sessions are. They're somehow both relaxing and tough at the same time. They give you a good burn and sweat on without exhausting you to your innermost fibers. For those reasons in particular I've found myself doing her fusion sessions on my active rest days as well as when I wanted something calming but challenging as well if that makes sense.


If you haven't already tried one of her amazing sessions I highly recommend you check her out. For those of you who've been training with Heather Robertson, what are some of your favorite sessions or programs? What do you love the most about training with Heather Robertson?

I'm excited to see what else she has in store for us!

Enjoy your next Sweat Sesh, everyone :)