HONEST 💖 positive review of Caroline Girvan's EPIC Program
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I recently completed Caroline Girvan's EPIC program. It's a 10-week program aimed to build strength and confidence. I absolutely loved it and recommend you try it out! Caroline Girvan is the best personal trainer I am so grateful to her for her EPIC 10 week program and the other training sessions she creates for us.

When I first found Caroline Girvan's channel she had only been on YouTube for a few months but I was quickly impressed with her professionalism, warmth, and her expertise. If you've done any of her workouts then you know that Caroline is in a league of her own. 

When the EPIC program came out on September 21st, I knew that this was going to be life-changing, and had to embark on this 10-week journey. 

It was EPIC among other things. It helped me build strength in areas that I had previously neglected in my training (ehem triceps, hamstrings!) and has challenged me not only physically but also mentally. 

Fitness is 90% mental. Meaning, if we believe we can do something we do it. The reverse is also true. If we doubt ourselves, we're not going to do that full pushup or try that chest to floor burpee. Amirite?

When you see Caroline super fit and super strong, alongside you also challenging herself and pushing her limits, you know that you're not on this journey alone and that she's rooting for you. Sometimes we have to drop our dumbells and reset to have proper form and sometimes we'll have such extreme muscle fatigue that our legs begin to visibly shake. It happens. To you, to me, and to Caroline. She's 100% real and authentic and shows up. She brings it every time. And she encourages us to bring it too. 

I hope you enjoy her EPIC program as much as I have. For the month of December, I'm following the weekly calendars and suggested training splits and some of the sessions are round two's of EPIC. It's a tremendous joy to see and feel the progress in performance. Just goes to show that if you really stick to something and are consistent, you will get the results you're looking for. 

Just have to believe, smile through it, and keep at it.

Caroline makes it so easy for us to enjoy her training sessions. All you have to do is show up and trust in her. She's a delight to train with every day. 

Trust in the process, you'll get there!



▶ Check out Caroline Girvan on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/carolinegirvan

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