Improve Metabolic Fitness - 5 Ways to Take Control of Your Blood Sugar - Avoid Sugar Spikes

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Metabolic Fitness is important for health and longevity. Here are 5 simple ways to take control of your blood sugar and avoid sugar spikes. Improving metabolic health is the key to a healthy physical body and healthy headspace. These are easy ways you can balance your blood sugar by doing these things every day!

There are two very obvious ways to lower blood sugar, avoid eating sugar and refined carbs, and exercising regularly. 

The reason exercise is so important is because your body needs energy to perform, when you consume energy it'll either get stored or used.

When it gets stored you are relying on your liver to manage the excess sugar from the foods you've eaten.

When you're exercising you're relieving your body of some of that excess energy so your body doesn't have to try and store it.

This is particularly true if you're insulin sensitive (90% of the US) where the sugar is just sitting in the blood. 

Now, If you're not doing those two things that's a good place to start for metabolic fitness.

If you are doing those two things, here are three additional ways you can take control of your blood sugar. 


Good sleep

We know that poor sleep is associated with higher blood glucose levels which have to do with the kinds of chemical pathways that activate during sleep which help your body clear glucose from the blood; poor sleep results in elevated blood glucose levels because it's not able to clear it from the blood properly (meaning storing it as fat or storing it in the muscles)

Time-Restricted Feeding (TRF)

You're limiting the amount of work your body needs to do to clear out the glucose; you're containing the glucose spikes to a shorter time frame, giving your body a rest; and when you're fasting you're activating some of the fasting chemical pathways that are clearing out some of the dysfunctional aspects of your cells so when you do refeed your cells will be better equipped to manage the new dose of glucose

Postprandial Ambulation

This means taking a brisk walk after your meal, target 10 to 20 min of fast-paced walking; gives your body an immediate deployment of glucose thereby smoothing out the glucose spikes that you might experience after a meal; this way your body doesn't have to worry about storing the glucose. For similar reasons, this is why working out fasted can be powerful. And in that case, your body will also deplete glycogen stores in your muscles and liver, freeing up storage space for your next meal.

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