Why I'm Focusing on Building Muscle and Gaining Strength - Benefits of Muscles - Positive Role Models

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I share why I am focusing on building muscle and getting strong. Are you afraid of building muscle? Are you seeking to get strong? Are you looking to "bulk?" Learn about the benefits of muscles and why having a strong body will keep you healthy. We're lucky to live in a time when strong women are positive role models.

In this video I share my reasons for building muscle and seeking to build strength.

As a young girl I have also felt empowered by strength. The feeling of being strong is an amazing sensation. 

I discuss why I've identified with strong female characters (i.e., Xena Warrior Princess) and why the strong girl aesthetic is something that resonates with me.

But as you know, my main focus is training for longevity and building strength and muscle gains. The strong aesthetic component is a by-product of all that hard work, consistency, and patience on the strength-building journey.

I share why we need muscles, discussing the benefits of muscles, particularly as we age. After age thirty it becomes more challenging to build muscle, but not impossible. If you're under thirty and found this video/blog post, I do hope you grab a set of dumbbells and start incorporating strength training in your exercise regimen.

It's wonderful to live in a time when strong powerful women can be role models for young people. It's a empowering feeling to be strong. Being able to lift heavy things, run fast, and do powerful moves is an unmatched feeling. 

Hope you're getting after those strength gains!

See you in the next one :)


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