My Flexible Nightly Routine to Get Good SLEEP 🌙

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Here's my flexible nightly routine to get good sleep! I like this flexible approach because it allows me to mix and match from items on the lists I share. These tips help me relax before bed, get into a calm state, winddown and unwind my body. Hope you get good sleep tonight! XO

I’ve found that in addition to all the other sleep hygiene practices I implement, the two things I was missing was...drumroll please…..


Clearing my head

  • Watching a relaxing program
    • Nature programs i.e. “Our Planet”
    • fantasy i.e., “Wheel of Time”
  • Meditating
    • Waking Up App
    • Davidji
    • headspace series on Netflix
  • Breathwork
    • my own: in for 5 hold 7 out for 7)
    • box method 4-4-4
    • extending exhale
  • Journaling before bed
    • analogue 
    • digital
  • Writing my to-do list before bed
  • Reading regular books or reading using night light 
  • Talking to my friends and fam
  • Drawing 

Calming my body

  • Yoga
    • bedtime yoga with Kassandra
  • Stretching
  • Slow walk
    • heart rate low
  • Sauna
    • heat shock proteins
  • Not Doing a hard workout
    • (eh hem Caroline) right before bed
    • not doing too much strenuous exercise at certain times in my cycle (but more moderate)
  • Soothing warm beverages herbal teas
    • turmeric tea
    • lemon ginger
    • hot water
  • Relax the face
    • Face yoga
    • jade rolling
      • I carry tension in my jaw line…
  • Warm shower before bed

What’s my New Nightly Routine?

The question beckons...did I come up with a nightly routine? It’s flexible.

Well yes and no. In the conventional sense, not quite. But for all intents and purposes yes. My routine is doing one thing to clear my head and one thing to calm my body every night.

Well originally I wanted one because I thought that would provide structure. But I get bored easily and the idea of doing the exact same thing every night really did not appeal to me. So I did some introspection and I realized that the two things missing that I needed to address were (1) clearing my head and (2) calming my body. I’ve discovered that if I can do those two things nightly using one of the activities I shared with you then that will be my nightly routine. 

Obviously I do the nightly chores as my parents would call it growing up: meaning a shower, getting on your jammies, brushing teeth, washing our face, skin care and that jazz. So nightly chores are already a given. 

And for me personally, my nightly routine is doing one activity to calm my mind and one activity to calm my body.

And that’s really it!

I’ve given it a few weeks and that seems to be helping quite a bit. Sure there are times when I do all the sleep hygiene strategies and my nightly routine but still might not get a high sleep score and that is because my CNS might be too taxed from too much intensity workouts wise, but I’m getting better at that!

We’re all works in progress :) 

Alright so that’s it from me today. Hope you enjoyed this video. Do you do the same exactly things every night. Do you have a specific sequence you follow? Or do you have a more flexible approach similar to the one I shared today? Share that with the IgnyteFit Fam in the comments below. Share this video with your friends and family and don’t forget to subscribe to join the tribe. See you in the next IgnyteFit! Ciao for now :)