Full Week of Workouts at Home - EPIC HEAT - Sydney - Heather - using Oura Ring Scores
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My full week of workouts :) I believe in listening to my body and using my Oura ring scores as a guide for how hard to push it in my workouts on any given day. I did EPIC HEAT with Caroline Girvan and workouts with Syndey Cummings, Heather Robertson, and Charlee Atkins : ) Also did walking and hiking! Workout with me!!

Here is my full week of workouts! 💪🌟💪

The only workout that was scheduled was the EPIC HEAT program by Caroline Girvan that I’m currently doing. I wanted to stay consistent with that and keep to schedule so I did.

Any tag-ons and additional workouts were determined based on the following factors: (1) my Oura ring readiness score, Oura ring sleep score,  and Oura ring heart rate variability (HRV (2) how sore/stiff I am, (3) how much energy I have that day and after one workout session.

For these reasons I have a general sense of the workouts I'd like to do,  but I’m really taking it day by day for this week and not planning it in advance. 

Sunday, April 25th, 2021:

30 min run outside in the rain! Quite pleasant.

Had energy after the run to do the HIIT from Caroline.  SEQUENCED HIIT Full Body Workout (with Low Impact Modifications) | EPIC Heat - Day 15 was a tough one. 

HIIT with Caroline is always very challenging, but I love to do them once a week and level up. It also allows me to check in on my performance and fitness levels. By the way, those single-arm burpees and one-arm pushups were super hard!! Wow!!

Monday, April 26th, 2021:

Started with Yoginimelbourne's yoga for hips (deep stretch & release) 

Then I moved on to Caroline's program: TANGIBLE Triceps and Delts Workout / Strength | EPIC Heat - Day 16 

Felt good after the triceps so I felt like I would do another session. After my afternoon walk I still had some steam left in me and wanted to get those intensity minutes (Zone 2, 80% max HR) so I did Agility training with Sydney Cummings. Absolutely loved it. It was Zone 2 but also the other zones, but I got intensity minutes so I’m definitely pleased with it.

Here's the Sydney sesh I did: 45 Minute Speed and Agility Circuit NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED Workout | SHRED - Day 16

This session was fabulous. It got the heart rate up, and stayed elevated throughout, but it wasn't taxing on my central nervous system (CNS) the way the Caroline HIITs are, which is why I keep those to once a week. But I do other cardio and agility sessions during the week, in addition to runs, which gives me intensity minutes without getting me utterly exhausted (again CNS is taxed during those hard hiits with Caroline).

Agility training is one of my favorite types of training so I like to do that when I'm feeling up for some fun and functional cardio! Syndey had us working hard, so I was very pleased with this session!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021:

Readiness score okay, sleep score okay, both lower than I would like. In terms of energy levels, medium but once I start working out it’ll have the potential to increase. See how I feel after leg day for HEAT 17. 

EFFECTIVE Leg Day Collective - Compound Leg Workout | EPIC Heat - Day 17

Sometimes HEAT is enough. Went on a walk after dinner. That’s all folks.

Wednesday April 28th, 2021

Really good restorative sleep. Oura Ring scores were excellent. 89 Readiness and 93 Sleep score. Recovery is on the rise. HRV is increasing. Will need another good night’s sleep.

DIAMOND Chest & Core Workout - Advanced | EPIC Heat - Day 18

Heat 18 (chest + core) felt really good. I did heavy weights for chest and diamond press. Really felt time under tension. The pushups were hard. I really liked the plank hovers and those felt better (stronger) than they did in EPIC II> Definitely stronger now. Strength goals are happening, trust in the process.

Ended the day with walking.

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Active Rest Day today!

Long Hike in nature was perfect today!

Today’s Active Recovery was perfect. Got Zones 2 / 3 and intensity minutes. Got hill training and it was so peaceful and therapeutic being outside in nature. Such a perfect day for it too.


I love the reset I get when I’m in nature. Mentally it’s so powerful. It’s a great form of movement. I love hiking it’s one of my favorite activities. I love being in the hills or the mountains and finding a hidden path somewhere in the mottled shade is so serene and tranquil. Does wonders for the soul. I sometimes listen to an audiobook or podcast, but most of the time I’m just practicing mindfulness and paying attention to the sights and sounds of nature. 

Friday, April 30th, 2021

Started the day with a brisk walk outside in the morning.

Readiness score, sleep score, HRV, and recovery time are good! Readiness and Sleep score a solid 85, which is the cut-off for excellent. Readiness score says I was very active yesterday (active recovery hike) but I recovered nicely and gave my body enough rest. 

Then I did my Caroline session Heat 19 which was a full-body session: FORCEFUL Full Body Workout - Triset Drop Sets | EPIC Heat - Day 19

It was definitely challenging and I did not do any other exercise on Friday! Caroline got me spent!

Saturday, May 1st, 2021

My scores were good and also I felt really energized. Decided to do cardio and pilate today, but nothing too taxing or intense as I am saving my energy for tomorrow's HIIT with Caroline as I know it will be demanding.

I did a session with a new trainer, Charlee Atkins. It was a lovely session and got my heart rate up to 140 bpm but it was not tiring. Perfect for today. This is the session: 30-Minute Empowering Cardio Workout With Charlee Atkins

I'll be doing more sessions with Charlee as I really loved her vibe, he professionalism, and personality. It was also key how she explained everything. I love that. It's so helpful to have corrective feedback especially with these types of at-home online workouts :)

I went on a lovely brisk walk for about 35 minutes. It was terrific.

Then I did a session with Heather Robertson. It was her new cardio kickboxing! Here it is: Cardio Kickboxing // Fat Burning Workout

What a fun session! Got me smiling and it was a perfect cardio session that got my heart rate elevated throughout, but did not exhaust me! I need to save energy for tomorrow's HIIT which will be very taxing on the central nervous system. 

The final workout I did was a lovely pilates from Move with Nicole. I absolutely delighted in it. I really love pilates and used to do a lot of it for conditioning during my ballet days. Here is the session: 20 MINUTE FULL BODY WORKOUT | Intermediate Pilates Class

Sunday, May 2nd, 2021

The BIG day! HIIT day with Caroline Girvan. Today is Day 20 in the EPIC HEAT program and it's what I've been excited about/nervous for the entire week. 

Today's format for HIIT is my favorite: tabata style. 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. She had the exercises in pairs and we did each pair four times. This repetition is key so that you can focus on improving the movement the more you do it, focus on form, and also test your stamina and endurance. 

And a personal best for me! I was able to do skull crusher pushups for the first time EVER!!! I was not able to do them in EPIC I or EPIC II, but over 150 Caroline Girvan sessions later, I was finally able to do skull crusher pushups! This is huge for me :) I was elated and it really made me happy because it reminded me that hard work pays off, progress is not linear, and progress still happens even though you can't always see it. Woohoo! Also, progress takes time :)

Here is the HIIT session: 30 Min TOTAL Tabata Full Body HIIT Workout | EPIC Heat - Day 20 and it's not for the faint of heart! 

And, we've come full circle and wrapped the week up with my favorite Yogi, Paula Lay from Yoginimelbourne YouTube channel. I found her hips and IT band stretch because my IT band is tight and thought it'd be the best time to stretch it out after being heated up with the HIIT. Perfection!

Here is Paula's session: 10min yoga for the hips | release & unwind

So that's it for this week, my friends! It was a fun and active week. Managed to take a brisk walk every day, at least once a day, sometimes twice a day :) 

Hope you enjoy your workouts this week and every week. Workouts should be fun so choose ones that get you smiling :)

Sparkle strong 🌟💪

Ciao for now!

Thank you for reading!!

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