How To Make Your Workouts Fun Again And Avoid Burnout
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If you're bored of working out and eating well, but find yourself overtraining and risking gym burnout then learn how to make doing healthy enjoyable again! Avoid burn out and love your workouts! We all have our personal training preferences and having workout options is important.

If you find that you are lacking the motivation to work out or you feel like your current workout routine is really not cutting it for you, then I have some tips that I want to share with you to help you get back into that really good, positive headspace with regard to enjoying your training and reaping the benefits of your training regimen. All right, let's get started. Back in China. So the first thing I would suggest is try to start a new program or start getting into the habit of working out with a friend. You can do this in real life, like go out somewhere or maybe go to a park, go to a gym together with them. You can also do this over Zoom or Skype or whatever video conferencing software you prefer. So the way it would work is you both choose a program that you're going to do. Let's say it's a YouTube video or the Nike training app, right?

So you're both going to do it, and as you're doing it, you're doing it alongside the other person. So you dial them in. And you can just do it in real time with them. And because you have the camera there, you can see what they're doing and what you're doing.

And it's really nice because you get to talk to them, right? So it's in real time and you're essentially training together. So that's my first step is to find a workout buddy because it really does make all the difference when you feel like maybe a little bit down or maybe you're a bit bored of your current workout plan involving someone else. And having that accountability partner is a very strong motivating factor for us. And what ends up happening is that extrinsic force of motivation over time with habit building turns into intrinsic motivation. So suddenly, you know, you wake up one day after being consistent with your routine and realize, Wow, I don't need anyone else to rely on in terms of getting me up out of bed and, you know, doing my workout. So that's the first one. The second tip I have for you is to find a fitness trainer that you really, really enjoy working out with, and it doesn't have to be the most popular trainer.

There is or doesn't have to be the hardest person to train with. It's really whatever trainer you find. Meshes well with what you like. So everyone has a different personality, goes without saying and their different styles of training, different types of instruction and teaching methodologies.

So it's really about trying to figure out what works best for you. Now, some people like having the instruction, they're being told what to do and what the form should look like and where you should feel the muscles engaged and others prefer to just follow along and not have necessarily that kind of feedback or input.

So it's really up to you. I personally like a mix of both, so I include both types of instruction in my own fitness journey, and I would recommend playing around with both and seeing which you prefer. I wouldn't say that, you know, you shouldn't just say, Oh, I'm this type of person, so I'm not going to like that kind of instruction or workout. You don't know until you try and give it an honest try. So try three times. And if you don't like it, move on and try something else. So I would suggest this for finding the right trainer for you, as well as the type of style of training you are into at that moment. Right? A lot of people talk about, well, there's different fads, right? So sometimes you'll see in the news or in media or in articles and magazines and online and even in the YouTube space, like do this workout because it'll help you burn more calories.

I would really advise you to stay away from that kind of jargon and that kind of content because one, it's clickbait and too. It's well, it's counterproductive to the overall goals of health and fitness, in my opinion. So instead, I would try to focus on getting a nice good mix of strength and cardio and cardio can include walking, running right, climbing your stairs. If you have stairs in your apartment or in your house, do that right and really focusing on strengthening, because that can really just it does. The benefits are enormous, and I don't have to sit here and tell you how many benefits are destroying training because you can just google it and see for yourself. So that, for me, was a game changer in my own fitness journey, and I would highly recommend you looking at that as a transformative thing for your body, for your mind and for your spirit ultimately. My last tip is to do something fun while you're working out.

So if you're not really enjoying your workouts, well, hopefully at this point because you've done step two of finding the right trainer for you, that hopefully you are enjoying your workouts at this point. But let's say you're still not really feeling it, then I would still do your favorite type of workout with your favorite trainer and aim to workout regularly. But if you're sort of bored or fatigued regardless, then maybe you can spice it up by adding a podcast as you are listening to the podcast or your audio book. You can, you know, do that or put on a show or a movie that you can watch.

So let's say you're doing your workout from your phone or your tablet or your laptop, and then you have the TV right there so that you can watch your program. That might be something that you can do, at least in the beginning, to start getting you more accustomed to this new workout plan that you're creating for yourself.

Again, it's just about taking those small steps and turning them into something that we can be consistent with and creating those habits that will last a lifetime. So it's really about that. Just start small, try to figure out what your y is because that can really help solidify why we're doing this and what is the motivation behind us doing these things like making these positive changes in our life? So those are my three tips. I hope that you take away something valuable from this lesson and from this, I guess talk. What are some of the ways that you find help keep you motivated in your own fitness journey?

And let's say you hit a plateau, be it physical or mental? How do you overcome that? Because I think ultimately that's what we're getting out here. If we were to fall off track, let's is after, you know, holidays or it's just maybe you find yourself in a little bit of a rut.

It happens to all of us. How do we get back on the wagon to continue this lifelong journey of fitness? So those are my three tips. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next segment.

Bye for now.

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