Stay Fit While Traveling & On Vacation -- Safari Adventure in Tanzania and Holiday in Zanzibar

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Here are my tips to stay fit while traveling and on vacation! I share my safari adventure in Tanzania and my holiday in Zanzibar. Hope you enjoy the footage from this incredible Safari Adventure :) The next time you're on vacation you might use these tips for staying fit and healthy while on holiday!!

So we just got back from a nice little vacation that coincided with my birthday. Oh. We were on safari in Tanzania, and it was incredible. one of the most amazing adventures that I've ever, ever. I want to make a video sharing some of my tips for how to stay fit while traveling or while on vacation now the two, I actually put in a little bit of a different category and I'll explain why. So when you're on vacation, kind of like you might be more relaxed, you might not have a particular schedule that you're following. You kind of, you know, you can dictate sort of what's going to be going on in your day, like what you want to be doing. And with travel, your schedule is not always up to you. And so that's the distinction I'm making, because with vacation, you have a little bit more responsibility and the onus is on you to sort of like figure out how you want to do things.

But with traveling, it's not necessarily the case. And so that's why I'm distinguishing between the two. So we just got back from travel. Yes, it was a vacation, but it was very active because one, the schedule was not up to us.

The schedule was already planned out and the program was set basically in stone and we followed through because we were on safari. And the way we did it is we got up really early, like 5:00 a.m., got to breakfast really early and I, because we practice time restricted feeding, we don't normally eat breakfast and we certainly don't eat it at that time. So that was one adjustment to make. But you know, we're like, this is only two weeks. It's going to be fun. We're going to be looking at the positive side of like all the cool experiences we're having and just being in the sheer presence of these magnificent creatures, these amazing animals.

So we saw the big five. That was incredible. That was a huge highlight. There were so many highlights. Safari in Tanzania or Tanganyika. And yeah, it was really cool. And so our schedule was not up to us. And so things like meal planning, it was definitely not something that we were in control of.

So my first tip is and this is safari addition. So the first step is to eat like an elephant, try to eat plant based things in volume. If you can, like, have a massive salad, if you can have a lot of vegetables, if you can like, there was this one night where it was like a sort of like a buffet style, but it was like family style rather. And they brought it to the table and we had like a bowl of veggie, a bowl of rice, a bowl of chicken. And you can bet I filled my plate with the veggies that were there.

There was a lot of veggie, so I was really happy about that. So where you can get as much fiber as possible, both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. And what's really cool about fiber is that it helps maintain muscle mass, which is key, particularly if you for the next one to however many weeks you don't plan to have your equipment with you. And so that's a big deal. So fiber, fiber, fiber, fiber, you will be doing your body. Such a great service to sleep like a lion lion sleep a lot of the day because they're nocturnal creatures, and so they hunt at night.

And sometimes you know they are prowling around and midday or they're eating like we came across a pride of lions who were devouring a hunt that they had probably done early morning. So night, but early hours of the day, so to speak.

And so we came upon these lions and they were almost finished eating the water buffalo, and it was really something else like. So definitely not for the faint of heart that scene. But, you know, that's mother nature. And so they sleep a lot of the day.

And so when you're traveling, try to prioritize sleep even more so than you would when you're just on your regular schedule and your routine, because one, you're tired from the travel and your body's having to readjust. And if you have a hormonal cycle, then depending on where you are in your cycle, like, that's something to definitely also be mindful of. You might be your body might require more sleep depending on where you are in your cycle and then the added stress of travel. Travel is a stress on our body, so even if it's a super fun holiday or vacation or travel, it's still stress on our body and so our body will treat it as such. So really prioritizing sleep whenever you can. And so that means cutting out caffeine early on in the day, possibly even just sticking to herbal teas or decaf coffee or hot water and no screens before bed like. Really be serious about it, because you will definitely be needing that sleep like I felt perpetually sleep deprived throughout my whole trip. And we really did try our best to prioritize sleep as best we could. And even though we had late meals and, you know, we had dinner at like 7:30 didn't finish by like nine and 30 because you also want to be social, right?

And it wasn't just us. So we were also, you know, socializing and being with other people there. And so it was important that we didn't, you know what? We respected that. And again, it's a set schedule, so you don't really have that much control but try to get the sleep that you need.

Just try with all your might and sometimes it will work, and sometimes it will. But the point is, is that you tried. So that's the second time. OK. And my third tip is to be opportunistic like a vulture, so vultures don't hunt on their own.

They will go after carcasses, so another animal like a leopard will complete the hunt and or a cheetah will complete the hunt. And then the kill that they don't eat, the vulture will have. So when it comes to exercise, be opportunistic like a vulture.

And what I mean by that is take any opportunity. See anything. As an opportunity, we're not anything but try to get into the mindset that you don't necessarily need your dumbbells and your equipment and your power rack and your workout program and your Excel chart and your apps and your YouTube videos to have a good workout.

Yes, it's definitely better in a lot of ways. But when we're on vacation or when we're traveling, we don't have that access and we don't have that at our fingertips, then we have to get a little bit creative.

So one of the things I was doing. So we were in the Jeep right from like, I don't know, 6:00 a.m., maybe five, 30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. in the evening. And so what we were doing because they had opened the roof.

We were standing. My husband and I, we were like standing. And so doing that, standing one sitting is great. But to I was like practicing sort of like I did different things. So it was kind of a full body workout.

one of the things you probably are going to be laughing at this. So that's OK because I'm sharing and honestly what I did. I was holding the sides of the Jeep and I was trying to like, push up against it with my tricep.

So I was like getting a tricep workout. And so I would like count reps. And another thing I was doing was engaging my core, so I would be doing some core activation exercises. I did the same thing for my legs and glutes, all while standing, so that was one of the things they did.

There was another few times where we took a rest up, so they're different like specific areas in these parks. So like, for example, Serengeti National Park, they're different. one of the places we went to, their different rest stops, so to speak.

So for people to picnic with your guide. You don't go to any of these places without a guide. So just a heads up, which is a good thing because they know how to get around. There are no signs and then and there are a lot of wild animals and also like for picnicking and then as a restroom. So after eating and it ended up being a really very carb meal for that lunch, I remember there was like popcorn, there was potato salad. There was some sort of like wrap with like like some ready wrap kind of thing.

Anyway, so it was a very, very high carb hypoglycemic meal. Wasn't that pleased about it? But what are you going to do again? They give you boxed lunch. You can't decide in that situation. And I was hungry, so I I ate it didn't feel badly about it because I was like, Well, this is this is par for the course. But what I did do was I did some air squats in the like the rest area before we head back into the Jeep. And I also did some running in place and running around like the Jeep.

I literally was like running around the Jeep. People were looking at me and also then my husband started doing it too, so we were doing it together and he was reading an article on his phone. So he was paying attention to anybody else, which is the right thing to do.

But I was kind of like, I felt a little bit uncomfortable because like people were actually steering and it was just like, you know, it wasn't like one of those things where it's like, you know, someone's doing something a little bit weird, but you're not going to stare at them.

Nope, nope. These people were shamelessly staring, and it's fine. Whatever it is, what it is like, ultimately, like, I'm never going to see those tourists again. But the point is is that I did it for my health and I felt much better and it was great for my digestion.

So running in place. Jogging around the Jeep, I find movement whenever you can. There are times also at different places that we were saying that they had a pool. So I got to go swimming a bunch and that was awesome because I didn't really swim this summer and so I was happy about that.

So walking where you can, taking stairs, where you can go in the airport and we had a layover, there was a flight of stairs, so I did that like, I don't know, ten times up and down. It was great, really good.

So just be opportunistic like a vulture because you want to look after yourself and take care of yourself. And that doesn't always have to mean that you're sticking to your schedule or your program to a tee, especially when you're not always in control of your own schedule.

But that is part of why I think there is a lot of benefit to having some sort of structure. And you know, I'm not really one for routines, but I do have my structure. I do have my systems in place so that in the off season or like, you know, when there's a blip or when there is a little bit of a vacation or a travel holiday or something like that and an adventure that you're going on, a safari that you're going on, which we need, right? Then in that time, you can be a little bit more lenient and be happy, be that and be, you know, up for that.

And because we're human and it's definitely an important part of just life enjoying yourself as well. And I'm not saying that having a structure. Because I love the the fasting protocol that we do. I love the workout regimen.

I love the other stuff like the sleep hygiene practices, the sauna, all of that. I love all that stuff. But it's true that when you can't do all that stuff, don't beat yourself up over it. Don't be upset about it.

Instead, take the new opportunity you have. Like the opportunity of traveling and being somewhere else and enjoying that and not be like, Oh, I'm not on my schedule. Like, you know, just recognizing it and you have to switch gears a little bit and doing what you can with what's available to you to do your best.

And that's really what it comes down to do your best. And so when I got back, I jumped right back into my strength program and my training and honestly, like, it was great. I did not feel I mean, I was a little bit stiff, extra stiff that first week, but it was not a huge deal.

And the other thing that I will say is if you can bring some equipment, so I did bring. Well, let me just show you. I did actually bring these in my suitcase. They took up space and we only brought carry-on, so we took up space.

But I brought these. I did not use them once because I didn't realize, nor did my husband realize that we were really not going to be in charge whatsoever of our schedule. And I'm not complaining, obviously, but I'm just remarking that sometimes you'll bring your equipment and you won't use it.

Don't feel upset about that. I mean, if it if you want, don't even bring it and just do body weight stuff. But look, I brought it thinking that I would use it because we were told that we would have some downtime.

But, you know, it didn't happen. And that's OK. Like, I definitely was very happy about seeing all the animals we saw being in the park for as long as that we were. And it was just an incredible experience.

So I'm so grateful for that. And I'm here to tell you that, you know, it's OK. You don't have to be a machine. So I hope that you took away a couple of points from this video. And the next time that you're on a vacation or you're on holiday or you're traveling and you're not really in charge

of your schedule, it's fun. Like, don't worry, you'll pick up where you left off and it's going to be great. And if anything, you're going to be even more excited to be doing your workout regimen and your sleep regimen and any other health and fitness protocols that you have, and you'll come to it with a new appreciation of it. So that's all. I hope that you have a great day. I hope you enjoy your training. I hope you're taking good care of yourself, and I will see you right here for another day. All right. See you later.

Bye for now.