What I Eat After A Water Fast - How to Properly Refeed After A Water Fast - VLOG

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In this vlog you'll see me and Greg break our 3 day and 5 day water fasts! We should you the food we are eating to break the fast and why we're eating it. Refeeding is very important after doing water fasts or any type of extended fasts and prolonged fasts. Fermented foods and bone broth are essential to the refeeding.

It's refeed day! In this vlog, I show you what I eat after a water fast. You'll see me breaking my 3-day water fast and Greg breaking his 5-day water fast. We explain why we're refeeding with fermented foods and bone broth. 

We paid a lot of attention to the order of the foods we reintroduced, as you'll see us explain in this video.

We ate our first meal very slowly, which was the bone broth with the herbs as you see in the video.

And we didn't wait too long to eat the next part of the meal.

In our experience, it's not so much how long you wait between eating but the order of the foods.

Bone broth --> fermented foods --> easily digestible protein and healthy fat (i.e. eggs and avocado).

After that, I'd suggest pausing for another hour or two because your gut is starting to reactivate.

Everyone's body is different and will recover at different speeds so just go slow and see how your body feels after each refeeding stage post water fast.

Refeeding properly is very important after a prolonged fast, water fast, or extended fast. Please consult your doctor before embarking on a water fast. We're not doctors and this is not medical advice! We've done research on fasting and have been doing daily time-restricted eating (16/8 fasts and 18/6 fasts) for years, building up to water fasting. We also got the clear from our doctor to do this, so please be safe everyone!

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Disclaimer -- please know that fasting might not be for everyone. Talk to your medical practitioner or doctor before embarking on a prolonged fast (3 or more days). An extended water fast should be medically supervised so please consult with your doctor if it's right for you.

Before fasting, I got to go-ahead from my doctor. Please do this safely!

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